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  • Friday May 19th, 2017

Seminar on Cyberspace

Seminar on Cyberspace

Seminar on Cyberspace 1024 683 Cambodia Development Center

Seminar on Cyberspace


About the event

The seminar provides platform forspecialists from various sectors including government agencies, academicinstitutes, NGOs, private sector, and cyberspace user community to share theirconcerns and views concerning the issues of interest. The seminar will beconducted on two sub-themes. The first theme is to explore the opportunitiesand challenges posed by cyberspace for its users along with the ways to enhancethe opportunities while reducing inherent risks. The second theme centersaround the future direction of cyberspace in Cambodia. It explores theappropriate multi-perspective cyberspace governance model/mode in Cambodiancontext by addressing the cyber security problems and prescribing theappropriate roles, rights and responsibilities for individual internet users,private sector, technical communities, and the national government.

Particularly this conference will explore theappropriate answers and solutions to a number of emerging cyberspace relatedissues including:

Q1. What are the opportunitiesand challenges posed by cyberspace for individual users, private sector, andnational governments? What can be done to capitalize on the utilization ofcyberspace as a new ven

ue for enhancing national development goals, enrichingindividual lives, expanding private business, and reaching the diversecommunities’ goals while at the same time limiting and overcoming thechallenges of cyberspace?

Q2. What is thefuture direction of cyber venue in Cambodia? What is the appropriateway of governing and managing cyberspace in Cambodia? What are the appropriateroles, rights and responsibilities of national governments, private sector,individual users, and technical communities in the face of mounting internetsecurity problems?


The seminar aims at achieving thefollowing objectives:

  • To raise awareness among participants about the opportunities and challenges of cyberspace as well as the roles​ and responsibilities of cyber-users.
  • To explore a multi-perspective responsive cyberspace governance model, which address the challenges and meet Cambodia’s national development goals.
  • To serve as modest inputs for the process of drafting and adopting the law on cyberspace in Cambodia.