We envision CD-Center to be “a founded contributor – academically and professionally – to a developed Cambodia.”

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The objectives of the CD-Center are:

  • to contribute to national and international policy development through undertaking relevant researches and projects;

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The “Cambodia Development Center” is a non-profit, research think tank. The CD-Center purports to make contribution …

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The CD-Center does its utmost to create, develop, and disseminate ideas, policies and strategies on national, regional and international development and to nourish human resources by focusing the three main activities as below:

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Chapter 1: Introduction: Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Chapter 2: The Fourth Industrial Revolution
Chapter 3: Understanding Digital Economy
Chapter 4: Emerging Technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Chapter 5: All You Need to Know About Smart Cities
Chapter 6: Everything You Need to Know About 5G
Chapter 7: What Do We Know About “Artificial Intelligence”
Chapter 8: Big Data: Too Big to Ignore
Chapter 9: Internet of Things (IoT): The Network of Network
Chapter 10: Blockchain Technology: More Than Just Bitcoin
Chapter 11: Why Digital Literacy Matters?
Chapter 12: Social Media in the Context of Industry 4.0

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