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  • Tuesday March 31st, 2020

150 150 Cambodia Development Center

Virak Kanhapich



Kanhapich was an intern at Cambodia Development Center. Majoring in Global Affairs, she is a sophomore at the American University of Phnom Penh. She graduated from EESS international high school. Currently, she is interning at the Cambodia Development Center. She is extremely passionate and interested in the world’s political affairs and diplomatic relationship. She is a feminist, an extrovert and committed to be a voice and stand for those who have no powers.

Outside of school, she volunteered at the Committee for Community Service Program as an English teacher. She is fluent in Khmer and English and also speaks a little of Korean. She enjoys participating and volunteering in social events namely the International Association of Genocide Scholars Conferences in Cambodia, the leadership Seminar with Ohio University, and more. She is enthusiastic about traveling, Khmer traditional culture specifically dances and crime documentaries. She is also an author writing novels on an online community.

In the future, she is hoping to pursue her master’s in Political science as well as a doctorate degree. It is a dream of her to work as a representative for Cambodia in the future be it as an ambassador or in an international organization. As a young woman, she firmly believes in a quote, “It is a will, not a skill.”