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  • Friday April 10th, 2020

Morning News Brief [April 10, 2020]

Morning News Brief [April 10, 2020]

Morning News Brief [April 10, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. The IMF stated that the global economy is facing sharp negativity that will fall into a great depression as 170 countries experience negative growth due to the pandemic.  

Source: teleSUR 

  1. The EU reached an agreement over half-trillion-euros financial support to help the falling economies in the bloc though exact finance recovery is not mentioned.

Source: Reuters

  1. The US security agencies urged the FCC to revoke Chinese telecom’s permission to operate in the US, reflecting unacceptable national security law enforcement risks. 

Source: The Straits Times 

  1. French made a request to ROK for mutual cooperation in importing the medical practices for containing coronavirus as both countries shared their combating measures.   

Source: KBS World Radio 

  1. The US made an offensive threat to defund WHO for putting the politics first and ignored the warnings made by Taiwan, which received an outrage response from the UN’s chief. 

Source: AFP 

  1. Russia, the US and Saudi king held a phone call to discuss the situation of oil markets and reaffirm their mutual willingness to coordinate the oil market and stabilize the price volatility. 

Source: Sputnik

  1. Kim Jong-un observed a mortar firing drill that aimed at overseeing the combat abilities of artillerymen and assessing the power of light guns and heavy weapons. 

Source: KBS World Radio

  1. Indonesia reported the largest increase daily in fatality rate, bringing a total death to 590 and becoming the country with the highest death tolls in SEA. 

Source: CNA 

  1. Wuhan city, which was once the centre of the first outbreak is now safe as a result of an enhanced monitoring system, while other places in the world are still suffering.

Source: Sputnik

  1. The government issued an order that bans travelling across the  country for seven days to prevent the outbreak during Khmer New year. 

Source: KhmerTimes

  1. The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training announced that garment workers who take leave during the Khmer New year will be quarantined 14 days after they return.

Source: Thmey Thmey 

  1. Ministry of Health officials are looking for potential COVID-19 carriers who have contacted a group of five people who tested positive for the virus.

Source: Khmer Times