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  • Monday April 27th, 2020

Morning News Brief [April 27, 2020]

Morning News Brief [April 27, 2020]

Morning News Brief [April 27, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. The WHO has warned against issuing immunity passports to recovered patients of COVID-19 since there is no evidence that proves people can’t get a second infection.

Source: Reuters

  1. Three worst-hit countries in Europe, France, Italy and Spain, are setting to loosen lockdown restrictions following the need for economies to restart. 

Source: The Guardian 

  1. More than a half million Australians rushed to download CovidSafe, COVID-19 patients tracing app, to assist medical workers and the government in combating the pandemic. 

Source: CNA

  1. Yemen separatists have declared autonomous rule in the south and broke a peace deal, saying it would govern the port city and other southern provinces.

Source: BBC

  1. The U.S. and France agreed through a phone call, to reform the WHO as the two hoped to convene the P5 members to discuss in response to the pandemic. 

Source: Sputnik

  1. Another wave of American states are lifting the COVID-19 lockdown measures regardless of warnings from health experts as the White House saw 16 percent of unemployment.

Source:Al Jazeera

  1. ROK news reported the U.S. detected signs that DPRK is in the preparation and possibility to launch the missiles amid the speculation on the well-being of Kim Jong Un. 

Source: The Japan Times 

  1. South Korean President’s top foreign policy adviser, Moon Chung-In, told CNN that Kim Jong Un is “alive and well” amid the speculation on his illness.

Source: CNN

  1. The Bank of Japan is expected to expand the second stimulus package to ease corporate funding strains and finance the government’s budget in combating the economic fallout. 

Source: Reuters 

  1. 3 Cambodian UN peacekeepers stationed in Mali are tested positive for COVID-19 while 82 other Cambodian peacekeepers are in quarantine and waiting to be tested. 

Source: Khmer Times

  1. The Ministry of Defence received 16 tonnes of medical supplies from China; the aid came following China’s technical training and donation for Cambodia military doctors.

Source: Khmer Times

  1. 94 workers, whose samples were taken by the Ministry of Health during the quarantine after taking off during Khmer New Year, were tested negative. 

Source:The Phnom Penh Post