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  • Wednesday April 8th, 2020

Morning News Brief [April 8, 2020]

Morning News Brief [April 8, 2020]

Morning News Brief [April 8, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. Despite a surging number of COVID-19 infections elsewhere across the world, North Korea’s Ministry of Health still insisted that  there are zero cases in the country.

Source: KBS World  Radio 

  1. People of Wuhan are now allowed to travel after months of lock down, as long as they have green code on their smartphone health app.

Source: BBC

  1. 731 new deaths of COVID-19 emerged in New York in just one day, making it the highest number recorded in the state with the total of 5,489 deaths. 

Source: Al Jazeera

  1. Trump has threatened to suspend funding to the World Health Organization claiming that the organization was too slow and ineffective in its response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: RT

  1. Russia, through Vektor Virology and Biotechnology Center, is ready to start human trials of COVID-19 vaccines in June on 180 volunteers. 

Source: The Moscow Times 

  1. The WHO director condemned a French doctor  for his attempt to conduct COVID-19 vaccine test in Africa, calling such a move a hangover from a colonial mindset. 

Source: CNN


  1. Japan declared a month-long state of emergency in response to the pandemic, as the PM urged for the citizens to reduce contact to prevent the explosion of cases.  

Source: The Guardian

  1. The cabinet of Thailand approved an economic package of 1.9 trillion baht that will provide the relief measures for public works, rebuilding the economy and job creation. 

Source: The Straits Times

  1. Singapore, under the bill, will ban any size of social gathering with friends and relatives as the provision to enhance the safe distancing measures 

Source: CNA 


  1. PM Hun Sen said the declaration of the state of emergency may not be needed at all since the situation is now under control but it is always better to have it ready in hand.

Source: KhmerTimes

  1. Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered a postponement of the Khmer New Year holiday and promised to compensate it with a five-day holiday instead at any other suitable time.

Source: The Phnom Penh Post 

  1. The team of Chinese doctors returned home after staying two weeks in Cambodia to give support and training to Cambodian doctors on how to fight against the virus. 

Source: KhmerTimes