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  • Thursday July 9th, 2020



MORNING NEWS BRIEF [JULY 9, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. U.S. and South Korean officials met in Seoul to conclude a series of their meetings amid the denuclearisation talks with the North being stalled. Source: Reuters
  2. The WHO officials reported that the apparent outbreak of bubonic plague in the Bayannur region of China is well-managed and does not present a high-risk. Source: Al Jazeera
  3. The global infected cases of COVID-19 has exceeded 12 million while a million people were casualties during the past 7 months since the outbreak. Source: CNA


  1. UNSC Secretary has alerted that the new phase of Libya conflict is reaching an unprecedented level, resulting from foreign interference. Source: Al Jazeera
  2. Australia’s Melbourne City has reimposed the second lockdown by restricting people from leaving their houses for six weeks, following a spike of the new coronavirus infection cases. Source: BBC
  3. PM Justin Trudeau said his country handled COVID-19 situation better than most of its allies, including the U.S. whose population is ten times less than that of Canada. Source: CNA
  1. Hong Kong Education Minister said that students are banned from political activity in the school premises, a new order that came just after China established a security office. Source: BBC
  2. Google has shut down its cloud project called ‘Isolated Region’ in China as well as other politically sensitive countries due to rising geopolitical tensions and global pandemic. Source: Reuters
  3. South Korea is preparing for the second waves of the COVID-19 through their attempt in purchasing approximately 5000 Remdesivir from Gilead Science. Source: CNA



  1. RGC said it is preparing new measures and strategies to restore the national economy as the pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the global economy. Source: Khmer Times
  2. For mine clearance operation and economic development in Cambodia, the Australian government has granted $7.6 million in sustaining the Phase 4 (CFR-IV) project. Source: AKP 
  3. The PM has called on the Cabinet to draft a decree on the substitute holidays for Khmer New Year after they were suspended during the height of the pandemic outbreak. Source: Khmer Times