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  • Monday June 1st, 2020



MORNING NEWS BRIEF [JUNE 1, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. Indian government has announced two Pakistani embassy officials persona non grata for espionage and they were expected to leave India within 24 hours.

Source: Al Jazeera

  1. President Duterte’s program, called Back to the Province, was designed to provide cash and goods to encourage Filipinos in the capital region to move to the provinces.

Source: The Straits Times

  1. Hundreds of people in London and Berlin have gathered to protest to support the demonstrations demanding justice for Goerge Floyd’s death.

Source: Reuters

  1. President Trump said that the U.S. will designate Antifa, an anti-facists movement, as a terrorist organization, blaming them for agitating the protests in U.S. cities. Source: teleSUR
  1. Protesters in the cities across the U.S. are preparing for the sixth night of mass demonstrations after the death of a black man George Floyd during police custody. Source: Washington Post
  1. Several more states in Australia begin to ease the restrictions, initially imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus, by allowing businesses to reopen and host more people. Source: Reuters
  1. Japan has not responded to South Korea’s call to lift the export restrictions imposed in July last year on the three industrial materials as the deadline was at the end of May. Source: KBS World Radio 
  2. China has been making plans for the air defense identification zone in the South China Sea that covered the Pratas, Paracel, and Spratly, which are the disputed water area. Source: SCMP
  3. Bangladesh lifted its coronavirus lockdown while millions headed back to work and the record of death tolls and infected cases sparked in the densely populated city. Source: CNA
  1. The World Bank approved a US$15 million credit from IDA for the strengthening of the Pre-Service Education system to improve health professional projects. Source: AKP
  2. Interior Minister Sar Kheng has slammed Sam Rainsy over his Facebook post asking people to halt their debts with the banks and microfinances during the pandemic. Source: Khmer Times
  3. A Cambodian peacekeeping officer General Sor Savy died in Mali after testing positive for COVID-19 along with two other Cambodian peacekeepers earlier this month. Source: Khmer Times