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  • Friday June 5th, 2020



MORNING NEWS BRIEF [JUNE 5, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. After China said it would ease foreign carriers, the U.S. Transportation Department plans to revise their order which will allow some Chinese passenger flights to enter the U.S. Source: Reuters
  2. Google’s Threat Analysis Group said that state-baked hackers from China and Iran had targeted staff who were working on Democrat and Republican presidential campaigns. Source: Al Jazeera
  3. U.S. protesters filed suit against Trump and his administration claiming that their rights were violated as they were forced out of Lafayette Square for Trump to take a picture. Source: NBC News


  1. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser wanted thousands of out-of-state National Guard troops and federal officers to be out of her district, but she said her powers are limited. Source: CNA
  2. Jewish settlers have challenged Israel’s annexation plan backed by the Trump administration, worrying that it could lead to the U.S. vision of Palestenian statehood. Source: Reuters
  3. Russia declared a State of Emergency after the fuel tank at the power plant near the Siberian city of Norilsk spilled 20,000 tons of diesel oil into the river with Arctic Circle. Source: BBC News


  1. India and Australia tied the deal to get access into each other’s military bases, which was the pact that would open for more joint military exchanges and exercise in the Indo-Pacific. Source: Al Jazeera
  2. Hong Kong lawmakers passed the proposed controversial bill which would make disrespecting China’s national anthem a criminal offences. Source: CNA
  3. The U.S. warship sailed through the sensitive straits of Taiwan, on the same day of the 31st anniversary of China’s crackdown on democracy in Tiananmen Square. Source: The Straits Times


  1. The National Assembly approved the proposed draft law on countering  the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Source: AKP
  2. Cambodia’s economic growth is predicted to be widely contracted this year, and several factories in PPSEZ and SEZ  prepared for the expansion for the post COVID-19 period. Source: The Phnom Penh Post
  3. The Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, through the Minister of Health, donated more medical supplies in response to prevention, control, and response of COVID-19. Source: Thmey Thmey