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  • Thursday May 28th, 2020



MORNING NEWS BRIEF [MAY 28, 2020] 150 150 Cambodia Development Center
  1. The UK has closed its embassy and ordered its diplomats to return home and leave DPRK aa they are being affected by the restrictions imposed by the host country from COVID-19. Source: Telegraph
  1. The U.S. will end the sanctions waivers which have allowed Russian, Chinese, and European companies to carry out work aimed to limit the use of Iran’s nuclear sites. Source: Reuters
  1. As hydroxychloroquine that has been used to treat COVID-19 patients is questioned for its safety, Italy and Belgium have joined France to ban the use of this specific drug. Source: RT
  1. President Trump will sign an executive order pertaining to social media, following a clash with Twitter over fact-checking and accusation over mail-in ballots. Source: The Hill
  1. Saudi-led coalition in Yemen said they have taken down drones targeted at Najran, Saudi’s city border, which were launched by the Houthis. Source: Al Jazeera
  1. The EU has rolled out its plan for post-pandemic economic recovery as the hardest-hit Italy and Spain are likely to receive the biggest chunks of the total 750 billion. Source: RT
  1.  The U.S. revoked Hong Kong’s special status under the U.S. law, which opens up trading opportunities for the financial hub as China keeps violating Hong Kong’s autonomy. 

Source: CNA

  1. A Chinese legislator proposed an idea to end foreign translation at press conferences and major events to showcase Chinese’s cultural confidence and promote the language.

Source: South China Morning Post

  1. South Korea has reported 79 new infected cases of COVID-19, which is a biggest daily increase since April 5, making total cases to 11,344.

Source: Reuters

  1. Thailand contributed two million bahts to  Cambodia to help fight against COVID-19, and ordered Thai businesses in Cambodia not to increase the price of the product. Source:The Phnom Penh Post 
  1. The Minister of Interior has ordered local authorities to tighten border checkpoints where migrant workers attempt to cross into Thailand, as Thailand extends lockdown. Source: Khmer Times 
  1. CDC has given a green light to three new investment projects in Cambodia on agriculture, solar panels and hydropower that created 1,547 new jobs. Source: AKP