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  • Monday August 19th, 2019

150 150 Cambodia Development Center

Un Leang

Member of Board of Directors


Dr. Un Leang is a Member of Board of Directors at Cambodia Development Center.

He graduated in Social and Behavioral Science from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He was a deputy director for the Department of Higher Education, MoEYS, and chief of the Innovative and Development Grants of HEQCIP, funded by the World Bank, and a deputy director general of the Directorate General of Policy and Planning, MoEYS, between 2012 and 2016. He used to be a research fellow and visiting scholar at the Makerere University (Uganda) in 2009, Northern Illinois University (USA) in 2011 and an off-residential senior research fellow at the Centre for Khmer Studies in 2014. Currently, he is the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, RUPP. In addition to his administrative works, his research interests and publications cover issues such as comparative education, education policy and the contribution of education to the development after the post-conflict period with a recent shift towards social sciences and humanities.