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Original TitleCategoryAuthorYearPublisherAmount
Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation (Fourth Edition)Book Sharan B. Merriam, Elizabeth J. Tisdell2016Jossey Bass1
Introduction to International Relations Theories and Approaches (Fifth Edition)BookRobert Jackson, George Sorenzen2013Oxford University Press1
Cambodia's Young and Older Generation: Views on Generational Relations and Key Social and Political IssuesWorking PaperEng Netra, So Hengvotey, Hav Gechhong, Chhom Theavy2019Oxford University Press2
Cambodia's Women Leaders: 21 Stories of Grit and ResilienceBiographyMultiple Authors2019Woomentum & Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung 1
German-Cambodian Relations: From the Cold War Legacy to a Cooperative Development PartnershipHandBookRaimund Weib, Robert Hor2019Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung 3
The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test (Fourth Edition)BookMcGraw Hill2012McGraw Hill1
The European Union Decoded: Challenges Beneath the SurfaceBookMaria Lorca-Susino2017Routledge1
Uncertainty, Threat, and International Security: Implications for Southeast AsiaBookIvan Savic and Zachary C. Shirkey2017Routledge1
Routledge Handbook of International CybersecurityBookMultiple Authors2020Routledge1
Overview of the Transport Infrastructure Sector in the Kingdom of Cambodia (5th Edition)HandBookInfrastructure and Regional Integration Technical Working Group2015Ministry of Public Work and Transport1
Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial RevolutionBookKlaus Schwab2018Portfolio Penguin1
The Fourth Industrial RevolutionBookKlaus Schwab2016Portfolio Penguin1
Power and InterdependenceBookFareed Zakaria2012Longman1
The Great DelusionBookJonh J. Mearsheimer2015Rowman & Littlefield1
Geo-Politics: The Geography of International RelationsBookJonh J. Mearsheimer2008Yale University Press1
Niccolo Machiavelli: The PrinceBookPeter Bondanella2008Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.1
The Origins of AlliancesBookStephen M. Walt1987Cornell University Press1
Can Asians Thinks?BookKisgore Mahbubani2009Marshall Carvendish International Private Limited1
The Strategy of the ConflictBookThomas C. Schelling1980Harvard University1
Thomas Hobbes LeviathanBookThomas Hobbes1998Oxford University Press1
The Anarchical Society: A Study of Order in World PoliticsBookHedley Bull2012Palgrave MacMillan1
The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One WorldBookKishore Mahbubani2013Public Affairs1
The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese StateBookElizabeth C. Economy2018Oxford University Press1
The Civic Culture: Poltical Attitudes and Democracy in Five NationsBookGabriel A. Almond & Sidney Verba1989SAGE Publications Ltd1
After Hegemony: Cooperation and Discard in the World Political EconomyBookRobert O. Keohane1984Princeton University Press1
The Social Contract and the First and Second DiscoursesBookJean-Jacques Rousseau2002Yale University Press1
Niccolo Machiavelli: The Prince (Translated, with Introduction and Notes, by James B. Atkinson)BookJames B. Atkinson2005Oxford University Press1
Regional Conference on Mekong-Japan Cooperation: Progress and Challenges since 2015ReportCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2018Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace1
Regional Conference on ASEAN at 50: Introspection and Future OutlookReportCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2017Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace1
Journal of Greater Mekong Studies (Volume 1, Issue 1)Research StudyCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2019Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace1
Regional Conference on Whither "The Indo-Pacific Strategy?' Shifting Strategic Landscape in the Asia-Pacific RegionReportCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2018Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace1
Regional Conference on Inter-Korean Relations in 2018 and Beyond: New Realities, New ChallengesReportCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2018Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace1
IELTS GraduationCourse BookCharlies Martineau and Jane Short2007Macmillan1
IELTS ExpressCourse BookRichard Hallows, Martin Lisboa & Mark Unwin2006Thomson1
The Reader's Journal: Authentic Readings for WritersCourse BookMark D. Rentz1992Arizona State University1
50 Years of Singapore's Foreign PolicyPolicy BookMinistry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore2016Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore1
Microfinance Handbook: An Institutional and Financial PerspectiveBookJoana Ledgerwood2000The World Bank1
Handbook of Islamic BankingBookM. Kabir Hassan & Mervyn K. Lewis2007Edward Elgar Publishing Limited1
Ministers at War: Winston Churchill and his War Cabinet 1940-1945BookJonathan Schneer2016A Oneworld Book2
Freedom from FearBookAung San Suu Kyi2010Penguin Books1
The End of Copycat China: The Rise of Creativity, Innovation, and Individualism in AsiaBookShaun Rein2014Wiley1
Cambodia 2040: Culture and SocietyBookMultiple Authors2020Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung & Future Forum2
Contemporary Environmental Law in Cambodia and Future PerspectivesBookMultiple Authors2020Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung6
The Craft of Research (Fourth Edition)BookWayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, Joseph Bizup & William T. Fitzgerald2016The University of Chicago Press1
The Everything StoreBookBrad Stone2013Corgi Book1
Outnumbered: From Facebook and Google to fake news and filter-bubbles - the algorithms that control our livesBookDavid Sumpter2018Bloomsberry Sigma1
Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook CatastropheBookRoger McNamee2019Harper Collins 1
Rage Inside The Machine: The Prejudice Algorithms, and How to Stop the Internet Making Bigots of Us AllBookRobert Elliot Smith2019Bloomsburry Business1
Targeted: How Technology Is Revolutionized Advertising and the Way Companies Reach ConsumersBookMike Smith2015Amerian Management Association1
International Development and the Washington Consensus: A Plurist PespectivesBookJohn Marangos2021Routledge 1
Financial Sector Blueprint for 2001-2010BookNational Bank of Cambodia2001National Bank of Cambodia5
Financial Sector Development Strategy 2006-2015BookRoyal Government of Cambodia2006Royal Government of Cambodia5
Financial Sector Development Strategy 2016-2025BookRoyal Government of Cambodia2016Royal Government of Cambodia5
Money and Sovereignty BookJean-Daniel Garder2010National Bank of Cambodia5
Nicholas II: The Last TsarBookMichael Paterson2017Robinson1
Origin of the Story: 202 True Inspirations Behind the World's Greatest LiteratureBookJake Grogan2017Cider Mill Press1
The Elegant UniverseBookBrian Greene2000Vintage Books1
1917: Russia's Year of RevolutionBookRoy Bainton2005Robinson2
Gravitational Waves: How Einstein's Spacetime Ripples Reveal the Secrets of the UniverseBookBrian Clegg2018Icon Books1
Power Play: How Video Games Can Save the WorldBookAsi Burak2017St. Martin's Press1
Leading the Starbucks WayBookJoseph A. Michelli2014McGraw Hill1
Ghost Patrol: A History of the Long Range Desert Group, 1940-1945BookJonh Sadler2015Casemate1
Mekong Connect: Susstainable Development in the Mekong Region. Volume 1, Issue 1Working PaperMultiple Authors2020Asian Vision Institute 3
Mekong Connect: Foreign Policy of Mekong Countries Volume 1, Issue 3Working PaperMultiple Authors2019Asian Vision Institute3
Cambodia: From Pol Pot to Hun Sen and BeyondBookSebastian Strangio2020Yale University Press1
Red Undertow: From Khmer Rouge's Cambodia to FreedomBookKieng Sieu Lim (Author), Chester Qian (Translator)2010Mirror Books1
Cambodia After the Khmer Rouge: Inside the Politics of Nation BuildingBookEvan Gottesman2004Silkworm Books1
Strongman: The Extraordinary Life of Hun Sen: From Pagoda Bvoy to Prime Minister of CambodiaBookHarish C. Mehta & Julie B. Mehta2013Marshall Carvendish1
Asia: A Consise HistoryBookArthus Cotterrell2011John Wiley & Sons1
When Clouds Fell From the Sky: A Disappearance, A Daugther's Search and Cambodia's First War CriminalBookRobert Carmichael2015Asia Horizons Books1
The Wealth of NationsBookAdam Smith2003Bantam Dell1
Sustainability & Digital InnovationBookMultiple Authors2021Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia13
Shaping the Future of German-Cambodian RelationsBookRaimund Weib, Robert Hor2020Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia13
The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic: National & Regional ImplicationsBookMultiple Authors2020Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia16
Diplomatic Briefing: Toward a Sustainable and Digital Future of ASEAN?MagazineMultiple Authors2021Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Cambodia8
A Kingdom in CrisisBookAndrew Macgregor Marshall2014Zed Books1
The King Never SmilesBookPaul M. Handley2006Yale University Press1
PropagandaBookEdward L. Bernays 1928Liverright Publishing Corporation1
Crystallizing Public OpinionBookEdward L. Bernays 1934Liverright Publishing Corporation1
National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women 2019-2013BookMinistry of Women's Affair 2020Royal Government of Cambodia1
The True Believer BookEric Hoffer 1951Harper & Row Publisher 1
Comparative Government and Politics BookRod Hague, Martin Harrop & John Mccormick 2019Red Globe Press 1
Propaganda & Persuasion BookGarth S. Jowett & Victoria O'Donnell2015SAGE Publications Ltd1
The Tyranny of Experts, Economists, Dictator and The Forgotten Right of the PoorBookWilliam Easterly 2013Basic Books1
The Media and Political Process BookEric Louw2005SAGE Publications Ltd1
A Brief History of the Spy: Modern Spying from the Cold War to the War on TerrorBookPaul Simpson2013Robinson1
Knife Fights: A Memoir of Modern War in Theory and PracticeBookJohn A. Nagl2014Penguin Books1
The Know-It Alls: The Rise of Silicon Valley as a Political Powerhouse and Social Wrecking BallBookNoam Cohen2017The New Press1
Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us HookedBookAdam Alter2017Penguin Press1
China's Great Wall of DebtBookDinny McMahon2018Little, Brown1
All Out War: The Full History of How Brexit Sank Britain's Political ClassBookTim Shipman2016William Collins1
Istanbul: A Tale of Three CitiesBookBettany Hughes2017Weeidenfeld & Nicolson1
How Australia Became BritishBookHoward T. Fry2016Amberley1
Intel in China: The Inside StoryBookTan Wee Theng2010Marshall Cavendish 1
Ten Billion Tomorrows: How Scine Fiction Technology Becam Realitt and Shapes the FutureBookBrian Clegg2015St. Martin's Press1
Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be StoppedBookGarry Kasparov2015Atlantic Books1
Cameroon's Coup: How the Torries Took Britain to the BrinkBookPolly Toynbee & David Walker2015The Guardian, Faber & Faber1
How Democracies Died: What History Reveals about Our FutureBookSteven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt2018Penguin Books1
The Secret World of OilBookKen Silverstein2015Verso1
ten Billion Tomorrows: How Scine Fiction Technology Becam Realitt and Shapes the FutureBookNomi Prins2018Nation Books1
Winner Take All: China's Race for Resources and What It Means For the WorldBookDambisa Moyo2012Basic Books1
The Death of Mao: The Tangshan Earthquake and the Birth of the New ChinaBookjames Palmer2012Faber & Faber1
Fakebook: A True Story. Based on Actual Lies.BookDave Cicirelli2013Sourcebooks1
Napoleon's Military MaximsBookDavid Chandler2015The History Press1
EconomismBookJames Kwakk2017Patheon Books1
Losing the Peace: Failed Settlements and the Road to WarBookMatthew Hughes & Matthew S. Seligmann2009The History Press1
Strategic Capitalism: The New Economic Strategy for Winning the Capitalist Cold WarBookRichard A. D'Aveni2012McGraw Hill1
War With RussiaBookSir rchard Shirreff2016Coronet1
The New Few or A Very British OligarchyBookFerdiand Mount2012Simon & Schuster1
Economic Diplomacy Strategy 2021-2023Policy BookMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation2021Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation2
Contemporary World: A Magnificent Upsurge in a Century of Splendor - Written for the Centenary of CPC International RelationsMagazineInternational Department of Central Committee of CPC2021International Department of Central Committee of CPC1
Re-Branding a Nation Online: Discourse on Polish Nationalism and PatroitismBookMagdalena Kania-Lundhom2012Uppsala University1
Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, PracticeBookKeith Dinnie2008Elsevier1
COVID-19 in the Mekong: Impact and ResponseMagazineAsian Vision Institute2020Asian Vision Institute2
Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery in the Mekong RegionMagazineAsian Vision Institute and Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung2021Asian Vision Institute and Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung2
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in Southeast Asia: Challenges, Cooperation and Development ModelsBookAsian Vision Institute and Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung2021Asian Vision Institute and Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung6
Norodom Sihanouk & Zhou Enlai: An Extraordinary Friendship on the Fringes of the Cold WarBookJulio A. Jeldres2021Document Center for Cambodia1
Cambodia 2040: International Relations and GovernanceBookMultiple Authors2021Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung and Future Forum1
What Do Cambodians Think? Insights and Attidudes towards Society and Politics in Cambodia2021Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung9
China 's greate wall of debtBookDinny McMahon2018Little, Brown1
A brief history of 1917 Russian's yaer of revolutionBookRoy Bainton2005Robinson1
Humans are underrated : What high achivers know that brilliant machines never will.BookGeorge Orwell2015Portfolio Penguin1
The plots against hitlerBookDanny Orbach2017Mariner Books1
Alone togeether: Why we expect more from tecnology and less each otherBookSherry Turkle2011Basic Book 1
Escaping the rabbit hole: how to debunk conspiracy theories using facts, logic, and respectBookMick West2018Skyhorse Publishing1
Blockchain: the next everything BookStephen P. Williams 2019Scribner1
The naked society vance packardBookRick Perlstein1964brooklyn, New York1
Environment, Energy and Climate ChangeHandBookKonrad-Adenaur-Stiftung and Cambodian Center for Independent Media2013Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung, Cambodia2
Population wars: A new perspective on compitition and coexistenceBookGreg Graffin2015thomas Dunne books1
Cambodia Useful Business Directory 2013HandBookDepartment of International Trade PromotionMinistry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government1
The day the world went unclearBookBill O'reilly2017Henry and company1
General Secretariat for Population and DevelopmentHandBookMinsitry of Planning2015Ministry of Planning2
The Apprentice : Trump , Russia and the subversion of American DemocracyBookGreg Miller2018William Collins1
Cambodia and ASEAN Managing Opportunity and Challenges Beyond 2015Regional ConferenceCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2016Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace3
Terrorists at the table: Why negotiating is the only way to peaceBookJonathan Powell2015Palgrave MacMillan1
Selected CICP Publications 2016Collection of papersCambodian Institute for Cooperation and PeaceCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2
A History of the United Stated in Five CrashesBookScott Nations (Contributor, Cnbc)2017William Morrow1
Selected CICP Publications 2013Collection of papersCambodian Institute for Cooperation and PeaceCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2
The world trade OrganizationBookDavid Collins2015Oneworld1
Freedom of the Press and Media Regulation in CambodiaHandBookAndreas Oldag, et al.2015Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung, Cambodia1
Curation Nation: How to win in the world where consumers are creator.BookSteven Rosenbaum2011McGraw Hill1
Xi Jinping: The Governance of ChinaBookN/A2014Foreign Languages Press2
Edge of Chaos : Why democracy is failing to deliver Econormic- and how to fix it.Dambisa Moyo2018Basic Books1
Cambodia's Foreign Relations in Regional and Global ContextInternational RelationsMultiple Authors2018Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung2
Disaster Capitalism: Making a killing out of CatastropheBook Antony Loewenstein2015Verso1
Research Methodology - A step by step guid for beginnersHandBookRanjit Kumar2014SAGE Publications Ltd1
Who lost Russia? How the world entered a new cold warBook Peter Conradi2017Oneworld1
Pol Pot (French)HistoryDenoel20071
War gainst War: The American Fight for Paece1914-1918Book Michael Kazin2017Simon & Schuster1
2nd Interdisciplinary Forum on Belt-Road Connectivity and Eurasian Integration: Meeting the CultureConference ProceedingsGeneral Education Office, United International College2018General Education Office, United International College2
2020 World of WarBook TimMarshall2017Hodder & Stoughton1
Making a Roadmap to Construct a Core Industrial Cluster in Kampong Speu, CambodiaConference ProceedingsKOICA2016KOICA1
Robin Prior When Britian Saved the west the story of 1940Book Robin Prior 2015Yale University Press1
Strengthening of Regional GVC among Korea-Cambodia-Vietnam and Economic CooperationSeminar ProceedingsKorea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade2017Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade60
BlitzkriegBook Lloyd Clerk2016Atlantic Monthly Press1
Cambodian Constitutional LawBook2016Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung1
China's Wars : Rousing the Dragon 1894-1949Book Philip Jowett2013Osprey1
ASEAN Labour Ministers' (ALM) Work Programme 2016-2020 and Work Plans of the Subsidiary BodiesHandBookASEAN Secretariat2016ASEAN1
Surverillance Valley: The secret Military History of the Internet Book Yasha Levine2018Public Affairs1
ASEAN Economic Community Chartbook 2014ChartBookASEAN Secretariat2014ASEAN1
Gogfight: How apple and google went to war and started a Revolution Book Fred Vogelstein2013Sarah Crichton Books 1
Towards ASEAN Economic Community 2025: Monitoring ASEAN Economic IntegrationHandBookASEAN Secretariat2017ASEAN1
Kill or Capture: Book Daneil Klaidman2012Houghton Mifflin Harcourt1
A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint 2015HandBookASEAN Secretariat2017ASEAN1
Kill Chain : Drones and the rise of high-tech assassinsBook Andrew Cockburn2015Verso1
ASEAN Cooperation Civil Service Matters 2016-2017HandBookASEAN Secretariat2017ASEAN1
Data-ISMBook Steve Lohr2015Oneworld1
Guidelines for the Development of Mutual Recognition Arrangements: Second EditionHandBookASEAN Secretariat2014ASEAN1
Dragnet Nation: A quest for privacy, and freedom in a world of relentless surveillanceBook Julia Angwin2014St. Martin's Griffin1
A Resilient and Innovative ASEAN Community: Annual Report 2017-2018HandBookASEAN Secretariat2018ASEAN1
Make a success of Brexit and reforming the EUBook Roger Bootle 2014Nicholas Brealey1
ASEAN Post-2015 Health Development Agenda (2016-2020)HandBookASEAN Secretariat2018ASEAN1
The French Exception: Emmanuel MacronBook Adam Plowright2017Icon Books1
ASEAN-India Eminent Person's Report to the LeadersHandBookASEAN Secretariat2012ASEAN1
The assault on reason Book Al Gore2017Penquin books1
Cambodia Economic Update: Staying Competitive Through Improving ProductivityBookWorld Bank Group2017World Bank Group1
Nothing is true and everything is possibleBook Perter Pomerantsev2015Faber & Faber1
ASEAN Community 2015: Cambodia's Preparedness and ChallengesConference PapersCambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace2014Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace1
Vietnam a war lost and wonBook Nigel Cawthorne2017Arcturus Publishing Limited1
America's Quest for Global DominanceBookNoam Chomsky2003Penguin Books1
Licensed to kill Book Robert Young Pelton2007Three Rivers Press1
Manufacturing ConsentBookEdward S. Herman & Noam Chomsky1994Vintage1
The Bombers and The BombedBook Richard Overy2014Viking1
Asia's Reckoning: The Struggle for Global DominanceBookRichard McGregor2017Penguin Books1
Outnumbered Outgunned Undererred Book Rob Johnson2011Thames & Hudson1
The Future is AsianBookParag Khanna2019Weiden &Nicolson1
The world after the warBook Derek Leebaert2018Oneworld1
From Global To Local: The Making of Things and The End of GlobalizationBookFinbarr Livesey2017Profile Books1
The Wall and the Gate Book Michael Sfard2018Metropolitan Books1
The World in Conflict: Understanding The World's TroublespotsBookJohn Andrews2017The Economist1
Worldmaking : The art and science of American DiplomacyBook David Milne2015Farrar, straus and Giroux1
A World of Three ZeroesBookMuhammad Yunus2018Scribe Publications1
The Battle of WaterlooBook Peter& Dan Snow2017Andre Deutsch1
How Democracy EndsBookDavid Runciman2019Profile Books1
Conspiracy TheoriesBook Will Brayan2017Igloobooks1
House of Trump, House of Putin: The Untold Story of Donal Trump and the Russian MediaBookCraig Unger2018Penguin Random House1
Hitler the Psychiatric filesBook Nigel Cawthorne2016Arcturus1
The Road To Global ProsperityBookMichael Mandelbaum2014Simon & Schuster1
World War in the Secret Book Gavin Mortimer2015Zenith Press1
Cambodia in the Twenty First Century: A Short Social StudyBookMarc Baudinet2018N/A1
It's the Political Economy, StupidBook Gregory Sholette & Oliver Ressler2013PlutoPress1
AI Super-Powers: China, Silicon Valley, and The World OrderBookKai-Fu Lee2018Houghton Mifflin Harcourt1
Cambridge Advanced Learner's DictionaryBook Colin Mcintosh2015Cambridge University Press1
The End of Development: A Global History of Poverty and ProsperityBookAndrew Brooks2017Zed Books1
Cambodian Communication Review 2020Book Say SOK,PHD & Bun Y UNG2020DMC & CCI,RUPP5
The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Implications for Cambodia Symposium BookMultiple Authors2016Royal University of Phnom Penh1
Samdech HUN SEN Cambodia's Elegant Hero Who Goes Against the Tide to Fight COVID-19Book Pov Sok 2020Khmer Books Edition1
Promoting Cooperation: Cambodia and the Regional under the Belt and Road InitiativeSymposium BookMultiple Authors201721st Century Maritime Silk Road Research Center1
Heart of SaviorBook Pov Sok 2021Khmer Books Edition1
The Belt and Road Initiative and Its Implications for Cambodia's DevelopmentBookNeak Chandarith, Ngoun Pheakdey, Sam Ath Sambath Sreysour201921st Century Maritime Silk Road Research Center1
Samdech HUN SEN Supreme Founder and Father of Peace of CambodiaBook Pov Sok 2021Khmer Books Edition1
The Great DivideBookJoseph E. Stiglitz2016Penguin Books1
13th ASIA-EUROUP MEETING (ASEM) SUMMITBook Anita Prakash20212
Cambodia and Asia (Volume 1)BookMultiple Authors2019Asian Vision Institute1
the taste of ANGKORBook 2022Economic Diplomacy Team1
Cambodia and Asia (Volume 2)BookMultiple Authors2019Asian Vision Institute1
Turbocharge Your WritingBook Maria Gardiner & Hugh Kearns1
Cambodia's ASEM Chairmanship 2020: Small Country with Big TasksBookMultiple Authors2019Asian Vision Institute4
Against Her WillBook Nakagawa Kasumi20171
Mekong Connect: Development and ConnectivityNewsletterMultiple Authors2019Asian Vision Institute1
Children at WarBook Nakagawa Kasumi20161
Higher Education Governance in Cambodia: An UpdateHandBookLeang Un, Sok Say2019Royal University of Phnom Penh Press59
Motherhood at the WarBook Nakagawa Kasumi20151
Kissinger the Negotiator: Lessons from Dealmaking at the Highest LevelBookJames K. Sebenius, R. Nicholas Burns, Robert H. Mnookin2018Harper Collins 1
Selected Texts Human Right of WomenBook Raoul Wallenberg Institute2013Sweden1
How Asia Works: Success and Failure in the World's Most Dynamic RegionBookJoe Studwell2014Profile Books1
Research Papers' Complilation Theme1 : Labour Right Book Raoul Wallenberg Institute20212
Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World's OceansBookAdmiral James Stavridis2018Penguin Books1
Stories of Impact: Alumni FeatureBook 2021Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia 8
Born a CrimeBookTrevor Noah2016Spiegel & Grau1
Shaping the Future of german-Cambodian RelationsBook Raimund weib , Robert Hor2020Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia 1
A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black HolesBookStephen Hawking2016Penguin Random House1
Cambodia 2024 International Relations and GovernanceBook Deth Sok Udam, Bradley J.Murg, Ou Virak, Michael Renfrew2019Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia 1
Genghis Khan and the Quest for GodBookJack Weatherford2016Penguin Random House1
Making Standards WorkBook 2001Penal Reform International 1
Why Buddhism is TrueBookRobert Wright2017Simon & Schuster1
Sustainability & Digital InnovationBook Raimund weib , Robert Hor20211
Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White HouseBookMichael Wolff2018Little, Brown1
Cambodian Yearbook of Comparative Book Kuong Teilee2015Rahoul Wallenberg Institute1
The History of the World: From the Dawn of Humanity to the Modern AgeBookFrank Welsh2013Quercus1
Dilplomatic Briefing Book 2020Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia 1
Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber WarBookFred Kaplan2016Simon & Schuster2
Year In Review 2020Book 2020Rahoul Wallenberg Institute1
Bullspotting: Finding Facts in the Age of MisinformationBookLoran Collins2012Prometheus Book2
National human Rights Institutions in the Asia-Pacific RegionBook Brian Burdekin2007Martinus Nijhoff1
History's Greatest Decision and the People Who Made ThemBookBill Price2016Chartwell Books1
Cambodia Strategic Development plan for Insurance Sector 2021-2030Book 2021Insurance Regulartor of Cambodia of the Non-Bank Financail Service Authority4
The Last Economic SuperpowerBookJoseph P. Quinlan2011McGraw Hill2
Public Expenditure and Financial Accountable(PEFA) Performance Assessment Report 2021Book General Secretariat of Public Financial Managerment Reform Steering Committee20212
Hilary Rodhan Clinton's Hard ChoicesBookHilary Rodham Clinton2014Simon & Schuster1
Public Financial Management Reform-stage 3Book General Secretariat of Public Financial Managerment Reform Steering Committee20202
The Industries of The FutureBookAlec Ross2016Simon & Schuster1
La Dollarisation Et Ses Consequences Economiques(France)Book 20081
German's Secret Weapons of World War IIBookIan V. Hogg2016Skyhorse Publishing1
land Acquisition and involuntary ResettlementBook Ministry of Economic and Finance20181
Stranger Than We Can Imagine: Making Sense of the Twentieth CenturyBookJohn Higgs2016Weidenfield &Nicolson1
FADED REELSBook Linda Saphan2022DMC2
Hubris - The Tragedy of War in the Twentieth CenturyBookAlistair Horne2015Harper Collins 1
Cambodia in CyberspaceBook Chhem Siriwat, Ou Phannarith, Chea Vatana2022Asian Vision Institute1
All the President's MenBookCarl Bernstein & Bob Woodward2006Simon & Schuster1
The Knowledge Sector in Cambodia Knowledge Producers: Situation, Challenges, and Programming SuggestionsBook KImchoeun Pak, Inala Fathimath, Arnaldo Pellini20191
On Palestine BookNoam Chomsky & Ilan Pappe2015Penguin Random House1
Study of Bicycles Value ChainBookMinistry of Commerce20161
The World's Worst AtrocitiesBookNigel Cawthorne1999Chancellor Press1
Rubber Sectors Profile Book Ministry of Commerce20121
China 1945: Mao's Revolution and America's Fateful ChoiceBookRichard Bernstein2014Alfred A. Knopf1
MID-TERM EVALUATION REPORTBookDepartment of International Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce/ National Implementation Unit20161
The Last of the President's MenBookBob Woodward2015Simon & Schuster1
2016-2020 Medium Term Plan for the Implementation of Cambodia's Trade SWApBookDepartment of International Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce/ National Implementation Unit20161
The History of the World: The Story of mankind From Prehistory to the Modern DayBookAlex Woolf2017Arcturus Publishing Limited1
The Age of Jihad: Islamic State and the Great war for the Middle EastBookPatrick Cockburn2016Verso1
Diplomatic Briefing: Regional Security Dilemma: Trends, Directions, and IllusionMagazine2022Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia 11
A World Without "Whom"BookEmmy J. Favilla2017Bloomsburry1
Future of Work: Transforming the workplace for Cambodia's Young White-Collar-WorkersBookRobert Hor & Todd Hunkin2021Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia 6
Groundwork DemocracyBookJames Laxar2009A&C Blacks1
Diplomatic Briefing: The Price of Prosperity: Economic Diplomacy in Southeast Asia and the WorldMagazine2022Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Cambodia 6
Theresa May: The Downing Street RevolutionBookVirginia Blackburn2016John Blake1
I'm Going to Ruin Their Lives: Inside Putin's War on Russsia's OppositionBookMarc Bennetts2016Oneworld1
Pearl Harbour: From Infamy to GreatnessBookCraig Nelson2016Scribner1
The Second Nuclear Age: Strategy, Danger, and the New Power PoliticsBookPaul Bracken2012Times Books2
The End of Faith: Religion,Terror, and the Future of ReasonBookSam Harris2004Free Press1
Great Battles of World War II: How the Aliies defeated the Axis PowersBookMichael Dudley2017Arcturus Publishing Limited1
Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Get Real About the Worst President EverBookRick Wilson2018Free Press1
The Communist ManisfestoBookKarl Marx and Friedrich Engels2018VIVIO Books1
Stephen Hawking: A Graphic GuideBookJ.P. McEvoy & Oscar Zarate2013Icon Books1
The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (With a new Introduction)BookRoger Scruton2009Regnery1
Power SystemsBookNoam Chomsky2013Penguin Books1
Who Rules the World?BookNoam Chomsky2016Metropolitan Books1
Kissinger 1923-1968: The IdealistBookNiall Ferguson2015Penguin Press1
A History of the United Stated in Five CrashesBookScott Nations (Contributor)2017William Morrow1
Retreat: Dunkirk and the Evacuation of Western EuropesBookHenry Buckton2017Amberley1
What's Your Presentation Persona?BookScott Schwertly & Sunday Mancini2017McGraw Hill2
On AnarchismBookNoam Chomsky2013Penguin Books1
The InnovatorsBookWalter Isaacson2014Simon & Schuster1
World OrderBookHenry A. Kissinger2014Penguin Press1
Rising Star: The Making of Barack ObamaBookDavid J. Garrow2017William Collins1
Enough Said: What's Gone Wrong with the Languagesss of Politics?BookMark Thompson2016St. Martins Griffin1
FlourishingBookMiroslav Volf2015Yale University Press1
Dare not Linger: The Presidential YearsBookNelson Mandela and Mandla langa2017Macmillan1
2020 World of WarBookPaul Cornish & Kingsley Donaldson2017Hodder & Stoughton1
Common Ground: A Political LifeBookJustin Trudeau2017Oneworld1
Before They Changed The WorldBookEdwin Kiester Jr.2009Crestline1
The Art of War: The Classic Text on the Conduct of WarfareBookSun Tzu2018Arcturus Publishing Limited1
The Diary of a Young Girl: Complete & UnabridgedNovelAnne Frank2018Wilco1
Cambodia 2040: Economic DevelopmentBookMultiple Authors2019Konrad-Adenaur-Stifung & Future Forum3
E-Governance in CambodiaBookMultiple Authors2019Konrad-Adenaur-Stifung2
Animal FarmBookGeorge Orwell2018Wilco1
Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama's Plan to Renew America's PromiseBookBarack Obama2008Three Rivers Press1
Start-Up Nation : The Story of Israel's Economic MiracleBookDan Senor & Saul Singer2009Grand Central Publishing1
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