Looking Ahead: Cambodia in 2022 and Beyond

Looking Ahead: Cambodia in 2022 and Beyond

Looking Ahead: Cambodia in 2022 and Beyond 1024 536 Cambodia Development Center


*Mr. Heng Kimkong is a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Cambodia Development Center, an Australia Awards scholar pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of Queensland and a co-founder of Cambodian Education Forum.

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Last year and this year have been a challenging time for the world, the global economy, and humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on all countries around the globe, constraining the prospects for socioeconomic development, trade, and international collaboration. At present, the prime focus for most countries is on the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus and on plans and strategies for economic recovery in the post-pandemic world. But for a small developing countries like Cambodia, efforts for economic recovery faced a challenge with limited technical and financial resources, toppled by the rising geopolitical tensions among major powers, especially now that the Kingdom is expected to take over the ASEAN Chairmanship in 2022.

With all things considered, how should the government approach the problems to ensure a revitalization of the economy while striking a balance and securing a safe position in this current global political rivalry?

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