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  • Friday May 29th, 2020

Big Data: Too Big to Ignore

Big Data: Too Big to Ignore

Big Data: Too Big to Ignore 1024 536 Cambodia Development Center


Ms. Kong Rattanakthida, Program Coordinator at Cambodia Development Center.

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Have you ever searched for a specific thing and later seen an advertisement for that particular thing or similar categories popped up on your Facebook newsfeed or Instagram homepage? In the information era, it comes as no surprise that data is everywhere, and we find ourselves in the kernel of a surge in data usage. Every day we are generating data every second. When we read, write or speak, we produce data.  But where all these data go?

Certainly now, in 2020, the world is powered by big data, so you are in the big data environment. More and more people start to connect themselves with digital lives from social networking to shopping and working purposes, and this number of internet users continue to increase rapidly. At the same time, billions of connected devices generate, collect, store and share IoT data analytics, as the combination of the internet of things and big data, all of which leave a digital shadow – traceable data we leave whenever we use a digital service. It is likely that we have heard so much about big data, but how many people know what exactly the big data is? Many people may assume that big data is a flood of data. But is big data just about a lot of data? Is the vast amount of data that important?

This aide memoire will discuss on the essential concepts that everyone needs to know about big data and the dawn of the data age.

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