Research Fellowship Program


Research Fellowship Program is designed in line with one of Cambodia’s Development Center’s major missions, which is to contribute to national and international policy development through undertaking relevant researches and projects. With this sharp vision, Cambodia Development Center always thrives to create as many research platforms so that Cambodian youths and scholars can be exposed to various available options to advance/sharpen their research skills while, at the same time, sharing their research findings and knowledge to the general public as well as partaking in the policy-making process of the government.

Through this Research Fellowship Program, Cambodian researchers are gathered under the platform hosted by CD-Center to share their concerns and prospects regarding the social, political, and economic development in Cambodia. Regardless of their differentiating backgrounds and works, they are assembled together by virtue of their common interests and visions.

The Program is classified into two categories: (1) Junior Research Fellows (JRF) and (2) Senior Research Fellows (SRF). Slightly distinctive compared to other fellowship programs that are offered to Cambodian scholars, this Research Fellowship provides more flexibility to the Fellows on the grounds that they are not required to come to work on a daily basis. They can do their works somewhere else and only need to come to a few follow-up meetings as demanded by CD-Center. For this very reason, the researchers who are already occupied with their daily jobs but still wish to pursue their passion of research may find this program a golden opportunity for them. The Program will support six researchers in every term, 3 of which are Junior and the other 3 are Senior positions.

All interested applicants are invited to fill in the following information and provide all necessary documents as required by the Cambodia Development Center.

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