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  • Friday November 1st, 2019

Everything You Need to Know about 5G

Everything You Need to Know about 5G

Everything You Need to Know about 5G 609 209 Cambodia Development Center


Ms. Kong Rattanakthida is a Program Coordinator at Cambodia Development Center.

Mr. Sok Kunvath is a Project Coordinator at Cambodia Development Center.

ABOUT Aide-Memoire

40 years ago, we could only make a phone call with a poor voice quality. Today, it seems, we are having much more to do with our smartphones, constantly checking our social media, shopping online, and watching video. But can these things be done without the internet? Can we be patient with slow-going internet connection?

A couple of years ago we have access to 4G, fourth-generation wireless cellular data that allows users to browse the Internet, make online calls and watch online videos with many other conveniences. But, the super-fast 5G is here today.

What exactly is 5G? How much do we know about it? What can 5G do? How will it impact our lives? This aide-memoir will briefly introduce everything you need to know about 5G.

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