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  • Monday July 29th, 2019

Understanding Digital Economy

Understanding Digital Economy

Understanding Digital Economy 679 243 Cambodia Development Center


Ms. Kong Rattanakthida is a Project Coordinator in charge of Public Relations at Cambodia Development Center.

ABOUT Aide-Memoire

Attention for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the transformation into a digital economy are among the top priorities of the Cambodia Government and Vision 2030. According to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Dr. Aun Pornmoniroth, it is most likely that Cambodia will need at least 10 years to embark on a full-fledged digital transformation. On July 12th 2019, the E-commerce and Customer Protection laws was approved by the Council of Ministers chaired by Prime Minister Hun Sen.
The term ‘digital economy’ has been used widely and it is known to permeate almost every aspect of people’s lives, yet by which way the changes around us are taking place and influence our living is not really widely known.
This aide-mémoire, hence, will offer a birds-eye-view introduction of a digital economy, its impacts, as well as the trend in Cambodia.